Josh Rudesill

Hi, I'm Josh Rudesill

I'm a full stack developer with an obsession for learning.

Based in Hudson, WI USA

About me

I'm a full stack developer with a passion for building things to solve problems and for learning. I have a solid foundation in software because of my time working with a mentor for a year and more importantly my time at Prime Digital Academy where I earned a Fullstack Software Engineering Certification (April 2024 expected). I excel in building web applications using React (Next.js), Node.js (Express), SQL (MariaDB, PostgreSQL) and No-SQL (MongoDB). I'm known for always continuing to learn and teaching others when I can. Looking for a your next dev? Look no further.


Fullstack Software Engineering Certification

November 2023 - April 2024

Prime Digital Academy

Description: Immersion program teaching modern technologies such as JavaScript, React, Node, and SQL. Additional training in diversity, equity, & inclusion, public speaking and presentations, and real-world client work


Mentorship w/ Staff Software Engineer

August '22 - August '23


Building production level projects and learning how to work in a real development environment from a Staff Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience. Learning how to be ready to tackle any task especially ones outside of my current stack

Workflow Software Developer + CAD Operator

April '21 - August '22

The Vomela Companies

I was part of a team that created and maintained a C# plugin to extend our CAD program Rhino3D. With around 150 separate job-specific features, the plugin reduced errors by 95% and sped up many routine daily tasks by over 90%. I also created and maintained a custom web app built using react for data centralization and managing project progress within a team of 5 and created production files for commercial printing and cutting following company standards.